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We are using industrial grade paper bags and wrap for shipping (no plastics).
For large shippings we give used shipping boxes a second chance - you should, too!

If you buy from our website and need to return goods: 
Return the purchased product(s) free of charge within two weeks in its' original condition and original packaging. We will service, change the size,.. and return back to you. Extra shipping costs may apply. Returned products in their original condition and packaging may also be fully refunded.
Please read our DRAUSSEN Terms & Conditions - Bitte lest unsere DRAUSSEN AGB.
Make sure you check out and choose the exact sizing to avoid additional shipping costs.


download terms / AGBs:


SIZE T1 T2 T3 T4 T5/6 S M
AGE 12-18ms 2ys 3ys 4ys 5-6ys 7-8ys 9ys
HEIGHT 74-85cm 85-95cm 92-98cm 99-110cm 110-120cm 130cm 140cm
EUR 74-86 86-92 92-98 104-110 116-122 130 140


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