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Summit Zipoff Overall


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Our new, clean kids’ winter ZipOff Overall.
The new ergonomic focused shape is über comfortable and functional.  
The Summit protects you from the cold world, keeping you warm and supercalifragilisticexpiraligety.
Servus! Zip off those pants and wear the jacket only. 
The pants feature an elastic waistband, belt loops and two adjustable velcros.

Here is the full feature rundown:

  • 18.000+ waterproof & breathable 2-layer fabric
  • fully sealed seams
  • durable water resistance (DWR) coating
  • 140g insulation
  • spare tone-in-tone color gloves 
  • mesh/microfiber lining body for comfort
  • flat lined arms & legs for easy entry
  • asymmetric, waterproof & reflective front and side zippers
  • chin saver with microfleece lining
  • pockets microfleece lined for comfort and warmth
  • lift ticket pocket on inside and left arm
  • arm mesh lined zip-vents
  • ergonomic adjustable hood
  • adjustable wrist cuff including flat lycra sleeve
  • lycra boot gaiters
  • adjustable boot gators to fit ski and regular winter boots.
  • ghetto zip-slits for easy boot entry 
  • Zipoff pants
  • fun guaranteed

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