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Outdoor Clothing for kids

ZipOff Overals

Two in one - Jacket and Pants combined into one Overall.

Every year we work on our collections to make the final product better and better. Improvements on fits, functions combined with Upgrades on fabrics and trims keep making our kids' lifes more comfortable while in the outdoors. And the life of the parents as well! #enjoydraussen

Rob Weinfurter

"Simpy the best overall we ever had"! "Really warm and always dry inside". "As an outdoor family loving the snow I can honestly recommend DRAUSSEN!" Top product in design und function!"

Mother from Austria

"Top for our toddler". Even met my expectations for my Waldkindergarten kids. "Thanks a lot for such an awesome product."

Mother from Germany

"Discovered, ordered, fast delivery". Super smart technical outerwear that works. Our Summit Zipoff Overall is just great.
Our kid loves his overall. Absolutely impressed. Great Design and sticks out of the mass on the slopes. "Make some for us, the parents - we'd wear them!"

Mother from Germany

Nature is our playground.

DRAUSSEN is a team of moms and dads with more than 70 years of experience in the outdoor and sctionsports business. +70 years experience as parents..
A selection of our products is made in Austria. We know and trust our suppliers. Sometime we end up surfing or hiking with them.