How it all started

DRAUSSEN is the Austrian-German language term for "being outside". 
Thanks to the never ending love of my parents to take us into the outdoors, climb mountains, swim natural waters, light campfires and simply conquer adventures I ended up founding the DRAUSSEN kids brand. Oh, well, I also have three kids - and worked in the outdoor and board sports  industry for +20 years. What started as a vision has evolved into a friend and family business with outlets in Austria, Germany and Japan. 

DRAUSSEN Kids Outdoor - Rob
Our outerwear and Accessories all stand highest quality, function and sustainability. We do not overproduce. We carry styles as long as we want - season after season. Our products last longer - kids grow - pass your used gear on to your sister, brother, cousin, friend. 
A portion of our clothes are made at a small scale family business in Austria. We love wool. It's natural, local and will last (almost) for ever!